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Neil Christiansen

Neil is our Managing Director. He started his career as an apprentice to his father in the family bakery business, and after running the business for 8 years he sold it as successful going concern and joined a number of companies including Sainsburys and Asda. He joined Safeways in 1987.

He was responsible for the training and retail operations in up to 100 stores before moving to head office, where he had responsibility for developing, sourcing, and managing all of the equipment in Safeway Stores.

His lifetime of experience in retail operations and equipment development provides you with a proven innovator, tempered by the reality of what will work in today's retailing environment.

He has extensive parallel experience of small enterprise and entrepreneurship, including a spell as the chairman of the Aylesbury Chamber of Trade.

His respected reputation for ethical principles and confidentiality means that you can rest assured that projects will remain within your total control. His probing and analytical mind is always seeking better and safer ways of doing things

He is an associate member of the Institute of Business Advisors. As a fully qualified and experienced risk assessor, he is able to provide you with an independent assessment of equipment to enable you to effectively manage your assets, ensuring that you do not fall foul of Health & Safety legislation.

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Key Director: Mr N. P. Christiansen