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There is no management without measurement


Successful businesses have always needed to understand how effective certain projects or events have been, but nowadays this is taken to a much more demanding level and independent analysis is now becoming the norm.

Publicly funded bodies and the EU have demanded an independent audit trail for a number of years, but this is now spreading into all areas of private business as it significantly improves project performance and provides additional security from fraud, false accounting and negligence .

We offer a full independent and impartial service. We will work with you to understand your requirements and get some background to the project. We will ensure that we agree some key information that is required and will then carry out a survey of how the project was perceived and what it was seen to deliver.

We will provide a confidential report on how the project has been implemented, showing overall perceptions in a graphical format to meet your needs. Where applicable we will identify shortfalls and poor perceptions. We can supply interim reports to allow for redesign of the survey at an early stage if the results are not as expected.

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