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Lanyard Partnership Ltd
139 Moss Road

Tel: 01606 872220
Fax: 01606 872220
Mobile (L): 07949 240371
Mobile (N): 07919 416767

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Lesley & Neil

We provide business answers

Lesley Bakkers has a vast expertise in providing companies with information and market intelligence.

Neil Christiansen has a wealth of knowledge in the bakery, retail, training and enterprise areas. He is an assocaite member of the Institute of Business Advisors.

Together they provide an innovative mix of talents that create one of the most useful services to businesses of all sizes.

We will work with you to:

  • Independently monitor recent projects that you have carried out, or recent services that you have paid for.
  • Give impartial advice and training on starting up your own business.
  • Identify sales opportunities.
  • Manage assets and facilities.
  • Understand your market place.
  • Maximize your advertising spend by identifying and targeting specific groups.
  • Benchmark your company against your competitors.
  • Identify what your customers are really looking for.
  • Assess the impact of R & D on your market place and work with you to develop your equipment portfolio.
Lesley Bakkers
Neil Christiansen
Lanyard Partnership Ltd is registered at Cardiff as a private limited company No 5175779
Key Director: Mr N. P. Christiansen